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HOD Sodium-Borohydride fuelled Hydrogen generator


El.Ma. has built an automatic Hydrogen generator from hydrolysis of Sodium-Borohydride with process control.
This Hydrogen generator, named HOD (Hydrogen-On-Demand™), produces pure Hydrogen through chemical reaction from Sodium-Borohydride NaBH4, using patented catalysts.

4 atoms are given by Sodium-Borohydride and 4 atoms are given by water.

Hydrogen is produced only in desired quantity, in order to mantain constant output pressure to compatible values with traditional fuel cells systems.

Performances of this system are the following:

  • Power: 5 kW

  • H2 flow: 3.8 m3/h

  • Max pressure: 90 psi (6 bar)

  • Gas: pure Hydrogen (CO < 0.5 ppm; CO2 < 10 ppm)

  • Autonomy (max power): 3h

The Hydrogen production cycle is managed by a control process entirely developed by El.Ma.

Following images show HOD connected with two different systems based on fuel cells: the first is produced by ReliON (1 kW) and uses PEM technology, the second is produced by Astris Energi (2.4 kW) and uses AFC technology.
Both generators are connected to a resistive test load.

Download document (PDF)

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