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El.Ma. Electronic Machining s.r.l. is an Italian industrial company which specializes in project planning, realization, and the supply of remotely managed turnkey machines customized to specific industrial manufacturing and production needs.

Moreover El.Ma. specializes in realization of highly automated machines for high speed working of light alloys and special materials for aeronautic components, including non metallic materials such as wood, plastic and stone.


El.Ma. conducts research, develops projects, realizes and certifies prototypes, and ultimately engineers products for industrial production.

The themes confronted are generally the integration of sensors, fabrication technology using numerical control, and robotic handling devices.

Among their large customers there are medium to small industrial complexes and large multinational firms.


El.Ma holds numerous patents relative to the technology developed and generally maintains the industrial properties of the products realized.

All of the activities of research, planning, mechanics, electro-mechanics, electronics, hardware and software, and realization are carried out entirely by El.Ma and actually there are 15 employees of which 6 have university degrees.




The company began in Faenza (RA - Italy) in 1990 where it operated until the move to Riva del Garda (TN - Italy) in July 1992; then, in December 1994, the company moved to Rovereto (TN - Italy).

In January 2007 El.Ma. moved to Riva del Garda, where it now operates in an area of about 1200 m2, of which nearly 600 are administrative offices and roughly 600 are dedicated to mechanical and electronic production.


After the first years, El.Ma. has concentrated its activities in the realization of electronic transfer machines and automated tools specialized for mechanical fabrication and assembly of hydrothermal-sanitary components as well as components for gas distribution (for example: heating collectors, flexible braided tubing, valves, and faucets).


Then El.Ma. entered the medical sector to furnish machines and instruments with respect toward the production of diagnostic components and equipment.


In the field of instrumentation, equipment was developed and realized for the control and testing of telecommunication fiber optics.


Important jobs were acquired from Enel for the realization of automation lines for the production of new electronic kWh meters, thanks to the know-how acquired from the versatile and flexible automation sector and from the ability of El.Ma. to furnish optimal solutions from any type of application, however complex, derived from a total internal autonomy of planning, mechanics, electro-mechanics, electronics, whether hardware or software, or systems engineering.


Generally the mechanical components planned by El.Ma. come pre-worked from outside the company and are subsequently handled then delivered to be mounted directly inside the machine in the assembly phase.

At the same time the internal electronic and electromechanical equipment becomes mounted for the control of the machine.

After the installation of electrical, pneumatic, and oil-dynamic systems on board, the final adjustments are made to same machine.

Once testing is completed, we proceed with the consignment and installation of the machine with the client, who represent the final user.


The machine continues to be remotely monitored with a system which is both video tele-assistance and tele-control directly from the premises of El.Ma.


Since 1997 El.Ma. operates also in the energy sector, for example with our research project to acquire production know-how with Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cells (PAFC) from IFC Americana (today UTC), and again with the development of technologies for the realization of machines for the fabrication and superficial finishing of air turbine blades.

In 2005 El.Ma. got important partnerships with two leader companies in Hydrogen generation and AFC technologies due to realize stationary electric power generation utilizing Fuel Cells supplied by hydrogen obtained from renewable sources.

El.Ma. is currently engaged also in the development and realization of solar systems for the electrical and thermal energy cogeneration, mainly of cylindrical parabolic and dish concentrators with electronical control for the sun tracking.

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