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Collectors assembly lines

This line is used in order to assemble different types of components on collectors of varied sizes for hydro-thermal field.

The machine is made up of a rugged structure for the longitudinal transport of collectors which are loaded automatically through picking from a conveyer belt.
A pick & place provides the collectors loading on the longitudinal slides of the line, the pieces are moved by step.

On the lower side fittings are feeded and screwed down.

Then, connections are blocked off with glue (loctite) thanks to the distribution dispenser on the screwing points.

The machine uses many screwers which can screw all fittings in any feed sequence.

On the higher side, components are placed and screwed; the load of them on the convoy channels is performed by a scara robot which picks them from the pallets, on which they were placed by the assembly line of the same components.

For the placement of collectors assembled on the feed lines of the test machines a X,Y and Z portal has been planned and it is also employed for the unloaded of the pieces after the testing.

The maximum line production amounts to 150 pieces/hour with an efficiency of above 80%.

To control and run the line it is used the process control by El.Ma. It is interfaced with the PC, with flat screen TFT and touch-screen, used both for the operator interface and for the selection and the statistical elaboration of production data.
The control and running system of the line is arranged for the connection on the LAN to the remote assistance service.

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