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Remote assistance


Through the Telediagnostic service El.Ma. is able to connect to the supervision PC built in to each machine. The connection is made by way of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) based on the PPTP protocol. In order to realize the VPN a PPTP server is installed on-site at the customer premises. The server is connected to the CNC network and to the relative supervision PC in each El.Ma. machine present in the company, furthermore it must be connected to the Internet through sufficiently fast line and visible through a public IP.


The structure of the remote assistance system can be outlined as follows:


The PPTP server is installed on a Linux machine equipped with 2 Ethernet cards. The machine also is used as a firewall which filters every package that enters and leaves, a necessity to guarantee a secure connection.

El.Ma. is in a position to connect to the server with one of the machines inside the clients own network in order to intervene and assist with any supervisor PC or CNC.

In fact, when a logon is established, the network of the CNC and relative Supervisor PCs installed on the customer premise is seen as though it were a subnet of the El.Ma. private network.

The communications between the two networks pass through the internet across a tunnel protected with cryptography.


Once the connection is established, it is possible to easily interact with the CNC through the remote integrated web server due to upgrade the application or the kernel.

Moreover, the CN is multiclient (it supports up to N connections depending on available band), so it's also possible to operate a copy of the supervisor program from a computer situated at El.Ma. , which it is directly connected in real time as though it were the actual client.

In this way it is possible to interact with the machine as though effectively on site and therefore evaluate the functioning of the software.


The interface of the Supervisor PCs installed on the customer premise is the same of the one in El.Ma., and the interaction possibilities are exactly the same indipendently by the site.

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