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Five and three axis laser cutting centers


Five axis laser cutting center

Consists of a machine of large dimensions with 5 axis of motion, of which 3 are cartesian (X,Y, Z), and 2 are polar axis U, and V; these last two are installed on the focalization head bundle.

The laser source, which can achieve a power of between 4 and 5 KW, is fixed to the ground.

The travel of the laser bundle is completely channelled in one pressurized tubular course which follows the X,Y, and Z axis.

The motors titling axis U and V are fixed and the spin motion is carried on the head through coaxial bars: this allows reduced dimensions to be obtained for the laser head, which can be inserted during operation in very tight spaces.

The machine employs a Siemens series 840D “Full Digital” with the differential functions for the command of the focalization bundle head.

The two principal structural components are represented by the work bench and by the lateral mounting portal which structurally constitutes the two axis longitudinal X and transversal Y.

The configuration of the structure was considered to permit optimal unloading of the dynamic force from the work bench and to protect the X axis guide from waste material while in operation.

All the work runs are remitted to the head of laser focalization bundle, while leaving each piece its own independent movement for loading, unloading and all that concerns the movement operation.

The experience achieved in working with light alloys has amply demonstrated the advantages tied to these types of solutions that beyond furnishing an elevated static rigidity of the welded structure they also guarantee an elevated value of dynamic rigidity with a high damping coefficient.


Axis movementation

The X axis is moved with a rack coupled with a preloaded pinion, while the Y and Z axis have rotating screws and fixed scrolls in their lodging.

The motorization of the axis, taking advantage of the performance of the actions of digital numerical control, allow extremely elevated velocity and acceleration in the translation of the axis to be obtained.

The cross slide of the X and Y axis is extremely thin, while still guaranteeing the dynamic rigidity demanded.

Double axis C and B controlled laser cutting head

The cutting head, installed on slide Z and sliding on transverse Y, is given two control axis of which C rotates with a vertical axis and B tilts along the horizontal axis.

These axis are moved with 2 brushless motors with high precision digital drivers combined with reduction gearing for even better precision, mounted inside the Z carriage in a way as to compact the cutting head as much as possible.

The head was realized with very contained blocks in a way that it could be used to cut 3D in very tight spaces and above all the ability to make difficult internal cuts.

In fact the C and B axis can complete, with the adopted solution, complete rotation of 360 degrees.

Three axis laser cutting center

This is a medium size machine with three cartesian axis (X,Y,Z); the configuration of the structure was considered to guarantee absolute lack of vibrations and high-speed axis movement (1000 mm/s for X e Y axis and 500 mm/s for Z axis).

Within the choice of the configuration, the accessibility of the operator has been taken into account (his interventions can be limited to pieces load and unload) , as well as the attainment of maximum rigidity within the defined dimensions.

Principal components of this machine are the basement with the table above, with respective X (longitudinal) and Y (transversal) axis, and the fixed vertical structure that supports the laser source (50W up to 400W, depending on application) with respective movement along Z axis.

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