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Automatic laser marking line


The line is used in order to mark components for hydro-thermal field with laser treatment to print the suitable symbol on the surface.


Components marking is done using a solid-state laser, with a splitted beam on two different marking areas.

The line is composed by:

  • Indexing and rotating table with six positions;

  • 100 W solid-state laser source;

  • Two pick-and-place for automatic load of components;

  • A pick-and-place for automatic unload recognizing the right/wrong piece;

  • Conveyer belt with components build-up.

All the operations for laser marking are done on the stations of the rotating table.

Cycle control is done by process control by El.Ma., that communicates with laser supervisor PC through TCP protocol.


Line productivity, depending on marking type and component model, is of 450 pieces/h.

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