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Automatic oligonucleotides synthesis


The synthesis tool, based on the use of phosphoramidites chimical reactions, can produce 8 oligonucleotides simultaneously, each of them with the typical sequence of 20 bases, for the total sum of 48 oligonucleotides in 8 hours.

The tool is made up of a pressurized room with gas Argon with high purity: inside the room there is a polypropylene block supported by tubes where the reagents are injected during the synthesis reactions.
The room pressurization allows to eliminate the contamineted gasses and to avoid the reagents evaporation.

On the polypropylene block, a head runs longitudinally with 8 groups for the contemporaneus synthesis of the 8 different oligonucleoides.

The room is connected to the reagents supply and draining circuits, to the pressurization and depression joints for the room washing and to the electrical connectors for the control devices.

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