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Porphyry cutting line

The stone cutting machine is used to produce cubes of porphyry, or of any other stone-like material, with dimensions of 4 - 6, up to 16 - 18 cm. The stone is automatically dispensed and the cut, which is made with a force of up to 70 metric tonnes, is automatically regulated as a function of the dimensions of the material dispensed.

Le line is loaded with quarry slabs that are pushed one by one against a step that adapts to the height each piece.

A balancing plane, inclined to in order to facilitate the evacuation of the finished cubes and the eventual waste stone, adapts to the material during the cracking in order to not create defective cuts. The machine can be protected with soundproofing and the dust can be collected with a filter.

In this way guaranteeing the complete safety of the operator against possible incidents in the cutting area, and preventing the spread of dust which can cause serious health damage.


The first machine produces selected slabs of quarry material.

Then with an automatic belt course the slabs are brought to the second machine which transforms them into cubes.

With one or 2 people, depending on the configuration in use, the machine can produce 150 to 250 quintali (33,069 to 55116 pounds) of cubes per day as a function of their dimensions and above all according to the quality of the initial material.


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