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High performances process controller (PLC) based on

Freescale Coldfire 32 bit CPU


Currently El.Ma. has developed a new generation numerical/process controller (PLC), named CN3, based on Freescale Coldfire V4 CPU (200 MHz, 308 MIPS),  in order to replace the previous generation (CN2) by adding new features and reducing costs.

New interfaces are available, in order to get much flexibility and connectibility to new emerging field buses in the industrial automation field.

Hardware specifications are:

  • CPU 32 bit Freescale Coldfire V4 MCF5485 - 200 MHz 308 MIPS with integrated FPU and MMU

  • 128 MB DDR DRAM

  • 512K SRAM (no volatile)

  • 1024k FRAM (no volatile)

  • Compact Flash I-II (256 MBYTE - 32 GBYTE)

  • real-time clock

  • integrated graphic display with resolution 128X64

  • 2 Ethernet interfaces with TCP/IP protocols

  • 3 CAN interfaces with CANopen and Devicenet protocols, configurable as master or slave

  • ARCNET interface

  • Zigbee module

  • IrDA interface

  • 4 RS232/RS485 serial ports + MODBUS (RS485) protocol

  • PCI bus for hardware expansion

El.Ma. has always developed whole firmware for its devices in order to be fully indipendent and to guarantee all the services about its products; the primary aim is the manifacturing of devices which are compliant to specifics and industrial and commercial protocols.

Moreover in this project El.Ma. is developing a high-performances kernel for the entire Coldfire V4 family, that can be easily ported to PowerPC 5xxx, ARM9-ARM10-ARM11 and Microblaze.


Software specifications are:

  • kernel with the following specs:

  1. possibility to write applications in C/C++ using both free GCC (GNU) (i.e Codeblocks+GCC) or commercial compilers (Codewarrior, Green Hill, P&E etc.)

  2. preemptive and cooperative multitasking with supervisor/user model

  3. RAM management with optimized dynamic allocation

  4. multiprocess management for execution of more applications or istances of the same application

  5. events management

  6. file system on Compact Flash FAT16/FAT32 compatible

  7. FTP Server/Client for files transfer

  8. Server/Client for read/write shared variables for SCADA through TCP/IP or CANopen

  9. TCP/IP stack with protocols: IP/IP raw (fragmentable), TCP, UDP, DHCP, ICMP, DNS, Telnet, FTP, HTTP, SMTP

  • I/O and remoted axis

  • CANopen stack

  • Devicenet stack

  • ARCNET stack

  • EtherCAT stack

  • MODBUS TCP/IP and RS485 stack


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