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Control system for fresh pasta thermal treatment line


It's a control system for a thermal treatment plant producing over 100 kinds of fresh stuffed pasta (for example the "tortellini" pasta).

For each kind of pasta there is a different combination of parameters (receipts).

The system controls completely the thermal treatment plant, that 's divided in the following units (from input to output):

  • Elevator belt, that carries the product from the assembly line to the pastorizer, located in the higher side of the machine

  • Vibrant feeder, that distributes evenly the no-boxed product on the process belts

  • Pastorizer, a room where the suitable temperature to the thermic treatment is reached through a steam circuit. Here the product received more steam in order to avoid dryness

  • Vibrant dripping, the necessary step to dry the no-boxed product after the thermal treatment

  • Drying-room, a room with controlled temperature and humidity, where the product is dried

  • Cooling-chamber, a room with controlled temperature, where the product is cooled

Moreover, the control system co-ordinates the whole production line and consequently it communicates with following systems:

  • Steam production system for the thermal treatment

  • Refrigerating system

  • Machines used before the thermal treatment

  • Machines used after the thermal treatment

This system allows a completely automatic control of the line, mainly for the following operations:

  • System starting

  • System stopping

  • Maintenance of the functioning conditions

  • Management of alarms that don't require system stopping

  • Management of alarms that require system stopping

  • Emergency system stopping

  • Washing and drying (system maintenance)


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