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Enel electronic kWh meter assembly, test and calibration


The line is used in order to automatically assemble, test and calibrate electronic monophase and polyphase kilowatt-hour meters provided by Enel, the most important provider of power and gas in Italy.

The line takes an area of over 400 m2 .

The medium time for operations is 4 seconds for monophase meters and 12 seconds for polyphase meters, the daily productivity is 16.800 and 5.600 pieces in 22 working hours and the efficiency is higher than 85%.


The process for assembly, test and calibration is structured as follows:

  • Cycle start/components checking

  • Base placing on conveyer belt

  • Tamper contacts mounting/protections screwing

  • Power groups mounting

  • Breaker mounting

  • Board mounting and cables soldering

  • Case mounting

  • Test

  • Calibration (followed by verify)

  • Laser marking

  • Meters sealing

  • Line unloading

  • Label applying and meters packing


All operations and meters serial numbers are automatically saved on databases.


The video shows how the robot operates in calibration zone.

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