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Medical devices assembly (rotating fistulas)

The assembly line consists of small pallets installed on an indexed chain which moves toward a group of mechanical cams. It assembles single use medical devices, and more precisely it mounts a needle oriented in an upright position on a butterfly where it is glued and silicone is applied.

In the pictures you can see details of some stations are shown and in particular:

  • The butterfly bodies are fed and then inserted into the pallets carried on the chain

  • The same butterflies being fed are oriented on an inclined plane for needle insertion

  • Glue station (it's possible to see the red glue dispenser filled with cyanoacrylate, which is polymerized with ultraviolet (UV) rays to hold the needle in place).

  • Trademark stamping with black and red inks fixed with rays from a UV lamp.
  • Polymerization of the super glue with UV rays; Certification testing to verify the hold of the needle; Application of silicone and the superficial fixing of silicone on the needles’ exterior with radiofrequency (RF) heating from and induction coil; and finally grouping for unloading of the mounted devices with selection of pieces for elimination from the good ones.

Real-time control is given to CNC by El.Ma., the supervisor consisting of a PC which allows the programming of the job orders and the elaboration of statistical data.


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