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Thermodynamic parabolic solar concentrators (Stirling engine)

The orientable dish parabolic concentration system is made up of an aluminium paraboloid with a polymeric layer inside with reflectivity of almost 100%.

On the focus spot, the Stirling engine realized by El.Ma. is installed, with an electrical power depending on the dish surface, generally between 500 W and 2 kW.

The active exchanger, through the fluid flow, ensures the heat recovery generated from the cooling of the Stirling engine.

The aim of the prototipal cogenerative system is the production of an electrical power of about 1 kWel and a thermal power of about 3 kWth.


The following picture shows a prototype realized by El.Ma.:

The plant disposes on a biaxial automatic sun tracker (azimuth and elevation) developed by El.Ma., that permits to receive the solar radiation with the optimum angle.