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Zephyr Airdolphin micro wind generator

Since september 2008 El.Ma. has become an authorized distributor of Zephyr Airdolphin wind generator in the territory of the whole Italy.


Zephyr Airdolphin GTO ( 250 V ) and Airdolphin Mark Zero (24 V) / Pro (48 V) are innovative wind microturbines that can operate continuously in every weather condition.


Main features are:


Extremely Low Mass

The total weight of the Airdolphin is only 17.5kg, meaning the weight per generated watt is just 17.5g, only 1/5 of those for large wind turbines. Thus, the Airdolphin tracks wind better in turbulent flows, resulting in more efficient power generation. Small wind turbines can be installed in various places: general households, rooftops, schools, billboards, or mountain areas. These needs could be safely met at low costs because of the ultra-lightness of the unit. Wind turbines must be totally flexible to face the forces of nature. Because of the light weight, it can quickly respond to continuously changing wind direction and capture the wind, thereby increasing the amount of power generation.


Newly-Designed Rotor

The rotor system on the Airdolphin flexibly responds to various wind conditions from the slightest to the strongest, offering efficient power generation. It also frees you from pitch controls.

The two advanced technologies of the rotor:

  • Ultra low-mass blades reinforced by long-lasting and rigid carbon-fiber skin which is also used for aircraft wings.
  • Multi-Stagger System with optimal conversion efficiency for various wind speeds.


Swing Rudder

The rudder of the Airdolphin uses the Swing Rudder System, an attitude control system inspired by fish fin. The system can instantly respond to wind direction changes and achieve a more efficient power generation.


Power Management System

A truly seamless power generation can be achieved from wind speeds ranging from 2.5 m/s (5.6 mph) and above, never cutting out.

In the case of Airdolphin GTO, at the rated wind speed of 12.5 m/s (27.9 mph), the system reaches constant rotation region of 1,280 r.p.m. and keeps it steady up to 20 m/s (44.7 mph) wind speed, where Airdolphin GTO (250V) delivers its peak power of 4 kW. Beyond that point, Airdolphin GTO still continues to deliver power output at a slightly lower level as the graph above shows, up to a very high wind speed region where almost all wind turbines are compelled to halt.

The following graph shows generated energy in the year by Airdolphin GTO.

In the case of Airdolphin Mark Zero / Pro, a truly seamless power generation can be achieved from wind speeds ranging from 2.5 m/s (5.6 mph) and over, never cutting out. The system instantly responds to wind speed fluctuations for optimal power point production. At peak, Airdolphin Mark-Zero and Pro can deliver 2.3 kW output in 20 m/s (44.7 mph) winds, then shift to a gradual output as the wind intensifies.

The following graph shows generated energy in the year by Airdolphin Pro.

Innovation for Low Noise

The Airdolphin comes with the "Silent Disrupter Blade": this new blade has a number of thin grooves on its surface, which significantly reduces air flow noise. Its designers were inspired by the wings of owls that enables it to fly silently and unnoticed while approaching its prey.


Robust Body Structure

The robust body construction features a "no screw" assembly, inspired by Japanese traditional craft of "Block Puzzle". This construction ensures superb resistance to climatic conditions.


Power-Assist Function

When there is no wind, the Airdolphin uses previously generated power to rotate for 10 seconds per minute. This will enable the rotor to start up at a mere 1.5m/s wind, reaching the cut-in point more efficiently. At the same time, the function prevents freezing in cold weather.


Power Generator and Control Board

A power generator weighing 7.5kg and a maximum 4.5kW power output is used for the Airdolphin, realizing increased power generation and strong regenerating brake performance. The most powerful neodymium iron boron magnet called "NEOMAX" is used.


Data Communication System

The Zephyr Communication System allows you to connect the Airdolphin to the internet. You can also install an optional GPS receiver to the turbine for confirming each unit's location.


Unique Design

Airdolphin's original body-design with sleek lines and functional beauty was inspired by wild creatures of nature. Its form represents harmony with the environment as well as the strong presence of the unit itself. As the name implies, this turbine looks alive, eager and ready to catch the wind.


Lifecycle Assessment

The CO2 emission during Airdolphin's production is roughly 180kg. It only takes 4 to 5 months to offset this amount through power generation by the wind turbine (avg. wind speed 4.5m/s, based on 0.425kg - CO2/kWh). Beyond this offsetting point, the amount of generated power becomes the amount of reduced CO2; thus contributing to the global environment.



A solar-wind hybrid system is available: a micro-wind turbine Zephyr Airdolphin is integrated with 2 photovoltaic panels equipped with a mono-axis solar tracker.