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Automatic assembly and test of hydro-thermal components

This machine is used for automatic assembly and test of components for hydro-thermal field.

It is made up of a 16 positions rotating table, a supporting structure and a process control by El.Ma. with operator interface on touch-screen.

The 16 positions effect loading-unloading operations, recognizing the right/wrong piece, assembly, screw down and test the components.
The machine cycle, included the transfer of the group to the test machinery, is completely automatized.
The medium time of the cycle is of about 12 seconds, the productivity is of 300 pieces/h and the efficiency is higher than 80%.

The following pictures show in detail:

  • the components feeders

  • a screwing equipment

  • a detail of the manipolator

  • the test bench

  • the operator interface on touch-screen


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