El.Ma. Electronic Machining srl

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38066 Riva del Garda (TN)

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El.Ma. Electronic Machining: the company

El.Ma. Electronic Machining s.r.l. is an Italian industrial company which specializes in project planning, realization, and the supply of remotely managed turnkey machines customized to specific industrial manufacturing and production needs.

Moreover El.Ma. specializes in realization of highly automated machines for high speed working of light alloys and special materials for aeronautic components, including non metallic materials such as wood, plastic and stone.


El.Ma. conducts research, develops projects, realizes and certifies prototypes, and ultimately engineers products for industrial production.

The themes confronted are generally the integration of sensors, fabrication technology using numerical control, and robotic handling devices.

Among their large customers there are medium to small industrial complexes and large multinational firms.


El.Ma holds numerous patents relative to the technology developed and generally maintains the industrial properties of the products realized.

All of the activities of research, planning, mechanics, electro-mechanics, electronics, hardware and software, and realization are carried out entirely by El.Ma and actually there are 15 employees of which 6 have university degrees.